Shure Stem Firmware Updates

Big Changes in Sound and Functionality


Stem Firmware 2.8

Main improvement: API for Third Party Control and Monitoring + Sound Improvement for Stem Ceiling
Release date: December 19, 2022

The new API allows control and monitoring of Stem devices through third party hardware and software. Customers can leverage the API to control volume and mute functions, monitor device and system status, audio usage and query the system for key information like serial numbers and room name.

While Stem has control and monitoring functions built into the ecosystem platform (shown above), the API enables users to monitor Stem devices alongside other manufacturer assets in a room, including displays, projectors, lights, blinds, etc., all through a single pane of glass.

Stem API documentation is available for download from the Shure website and Tech Portal. Details can also be found in our FAQ Database (search: Stem API).

Continuing recent sound performance improvements, firmware version 2.8 also significantly improves pick-up and sound quality of Stem Ceiling.


Stem Firmware 2.7

Main Improvement: Link-Local IP Addresses
Release date: December 1, 2022

In setups where the Stem Ecosystem is managed on a separate network (without access to a DHCP server for automatic IP address management), devices will self-assign a link-local IP address and are able to work as a system with just a PoE switch.

Operation in Manual IP mode is also improved. Users no longer need a DHCP server to be able to assign IP addresses manually.

This update is relevant for customer who prefer to keep AV systems off the corporate network. Users don't need to manually assign IP addresses or worry about IP address conflicts. If a DHCP server becomes available at any time, the devices will get a new IP address from the server while system audio continues uninterrupted.

Link-Local addresses can be easily identified. The IP starts with 169.254 and the following two octets are self-assigned and different on every device, e.g.: Device #1:; Device #2:



Stem Firmware 2.6

Main Improvement: Speaker Coverage in Stem RoomDesign Tool + Improved Mute Sync 
Release date: November 2, 2022

The Stem RoomDesign tool, which is accessible via the ecosystem platform and standalone on the Shure website, has been updated to include Stem Speaker and now shows speaker coverage of all Stem devices, including Speaker, Wall, and Table.  

Firmware 2.6 further brings improved mute sync for Microsoft Teams and other conferencing codecs, as well as on-screen volume/mute controls to Stem Control and Stem apps for Android and iPhone.



Stem devices on a network with internet access and enrolled in auto-updates will self-upgrade around midnight, local time, on the release date.
If auto-updates are disabled, you may update manually via the ecosystem platform > SETTINGS > DEVICE FIRMWARE UPDATES > CHECK FOR UPDATES.